It takes love to give a blind man sight, love to make a wrong thing right, love to bring us all together, love to make this whole world better, love to help one another, love to see that you're my brother, love to live and let things be, love to live in harmony, it takes love”

— Sean Showalter

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Sean Showalter Bio

Sean Showalter is an Americana artist living in Austin, TX.  His songs tend to be deep and colorful, often telling stories that are easy to grasp for the listener.  Though some of his songs are abstract as well and may leave you pondering the meaning of it.  He definitely has a poetic sense to his lyrics.  Much of his music has a soulful and bluesy quality to it and you can hear many of his influences, such as Robert Johnson, Muddy Waters, Ray Charles, The Beatles, Bob Dylan, The Black Crowes, & Bob Seger  in his style.

Sean's available to play all original music or covers at your next event!  See his current song list here.  Also, check some of the venues Sean's played.

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