It takes love to give a blind man sight, love to make a wrong thing right, love to bring us all together, love to make this whole world better, love to help one another, love to see that you're my brother, love to live and let things be, love to live in harmony, it takes love”

— Sean Showalter

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Sean Showalter Bio

Showalter weaves elements of pop, blues, soul, country, jazz and folk into thought provoking tunes .  Audiences take notice of his soulful voice and deep songwriting.  He's an excellent singer and musician as well as a showman and always makes a good impression with his listeners.  His first  EP was released in 2012 and met with great reviews.  Currently, he is working on releasing a new album.  

Sean grew up in the DC area and got his start singing at blues jams.  He moved to Austin in 2002 to pursue a career in music. Since then he has entertained many folks down on historic 6th Street as well as other clubs in the Austin area.  Recently, Sean has branched outside of Austin and has played several small venues in the Galveston and Houston areas.  He attended Austin Community College where he studied Music Business, Performance & Technology.  

Sean's available to play all original music or covers at your next event!  See his current set list here.  Also, check some of the venues Sean's played.

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