Added new song "Soul Journey" to Soundcloud

Hey y'all! 

I just added my song "Soul Journey" to my Soundcloud profile.  I also added a link to my Soundcloud at the top of each page.  It's a little orange icon on the menu bar to the right.  Can't miss it.

Anyhow, Soul Journey was written many moons ago by me.  At the time I was not really aware of the theme so just kinda' came out of me.  But today I see it as the cycle of rebirth of the human soul.  The Phoenix. We all go through many changes in our evolution of the human soul and this song is pretty much what this is about.  At the same time, I hate telling people how to interpret my song.  I have been through many dark/light periods/cycles of my life, and this never seems to stop.  In the darkness there's always hope.  I found that in the Holy Trinity personally, but we all have a different walk. 

God Bless.

-Sean :)

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